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“Fast & Reliable with Personalised Service”

Dear business owner,

What’s your web site address?” did someone ask you this question recently? Did you have to keep mum or fumble for an answer?

In today’s world, it has become imperative for businesses to have a web site that describes their products and services, provides detailed contact information and facilitates individual email addresses for all executives. Do you want to host your emails and web site with a reliable hosting partner, who can give you good service without charging a premium for it?

Our web hosting services are packaged with the business owner in mind – we go out of the way to keep your convenience in mind. While individual email accounts offers you the enhanced prestige of large business houses, the fast and responsive websites get better response from your prospects.

Check out a few special features of our hosting packages and decide for yourself.

Web site related benefits

  • Solid state disk based hosting – 1st company in Kolkata to offer this ultra-fast technology.
  • Strong Firewall – cuts down most attacks on your site.
  • You can upload and change the site with FTP any number of times (24×7).
  • PHP 5 support for dynamic and database driven programming.
  • MYSQL databases at no extra cost.
  • Powerful CPANEL based control panel for ease of configuration – you don’t need expensive system administrators.
  • Web based statistics – track your visitors, most popular pages, search terms and many other things. You can download Raw log files also, for offline analysis
  • Unlimited Traffic at no extra charge.
  • Unlimited hits at no extra charge

Email related benefits

  • Unlimited number of individual POP3 accounts (with own password).
  • Unlimited number of aliases/forwarders pointing to any POP3 account (local or external).
  • Server-side Anti-virus filters.
  • Server-side Anti-SPAM filters.
  • Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing mail) support – Send mail through our server.
  • Cpanel – Web Based Control Panel allows self configuration, user management and mail management
  • Web Based Email Interface to check email from anywhere in the world.


We are not the cheapest service providers and do not wish to compete with any one based on price alone. We don’t think you will like to put your business communication at risk by opting for an unreliable but cheap service anyway.

However we do offer excellent Return on Investment by way of friendly and responsive service.

Web Hosting charges for companies in India – per year
10 MB Rs. 3,000
25 MB Rs. 5,000
50 MB Rs. 7,500
100 MB Rs. 10,000
250 MB Rs. 15,000
500 MB Rs. 20,000
1 GB Rs. 30,000

You can start at a lower tier and upgrade anytime by simply paying the difference amount or directly opt for a higher slab to enjoy more space and freedom.

Payment Terms

The full payment has to be made in advance by way of Demand Draft payable to Shubh services, Kolkata. You can also deposit your cheque in our Axis Bank account. We will activate your hosting account, immediately upon receipt of your payment and provide you the access details. We are also happy to help you with the initial setup, free of any extra charge.

Get Started

You can call Arun on (0) 9831027107 or Abhijit on (0) 9831108581 for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many email accounts do I get with your hosting account?

Ans. You get unlimited number of email accounts with each of our hosting packages. You might like to upgrade to a ‘more space’ account if you need many email accounts with large file attachments.

Q. What is SSD?

Ans. SSD stands for Solid State Disk. These are storage devices like a hard disk but do not have any moving part. They are more like large RAMs. The SSD in our servers make them ultra-fast,  specially for database driven sites like a WordPress blog or an application software.

Q. Which control panel do I get to manage my account?

Ans. We have CPANEL control panel, which is one of the easiest control panel for servers. With this, you can manage all aspects of your hosting account with ease, without needing an expert EDP manager. Of course, we are always there to guide you or make the changes for you, when you are not feeling doing it yourself.

Q. Can I upgrade my account later? Does it cost extra?

Ans. You can always upgrade your hosting account to the one with more space, whenever you require. You only need to pay for the difference in the prices for the two packages.

Get Started

You can call Arun on (0) 9831027107 or Abhijit on (0) 9831108581 for further details.